2 thoughts on “We Think”

  1. Msbarnsley, thanks for your comment on my blog…I am reading yours with interest as well. Any idea where you’d like to go OS?

    I enjoyed the video and I totally agree with the draconian methods we still regularly use in schools. At the primary school I am currently in for a week, classes only have 45 minutes per week dedicated ICT team…and not even one class set of laptops. I am disappointed with my first UK school experience.

  2. Hi Jon,
    thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear that your experiences so far have been disappointing. I am really lucky that I started teaching at school that promotes and values technology use. The year before I started all teachers were given laptops and the following year students from years 3-12 received their own laptop. A 1:1 laptop program allows genuine integration of ICT and students produce some amazing material. So often, the use of technology is merely paid lip service. Did you have better access to resources in your school in Vietnam? I recently went to a conference in Singapore and the govt. there is pouring millions of dollars into ICT. Similarly, in Australia the new government here is promoting a “computer for every child” from year 9 up. However, changing an education system that is rooted in 100-year old traditions and industrial-age thinking is going to take much longer than many of us hope. I am looking to teach in Asia next year, hopefully Vietnam.

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