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New LangLit Intro
Course Guide 2019-20

Teacher inquiry: How can we best support our middle years’ learners? (site)

What is the best possible education for 11 to 14 year olds? What pedagogical approaches engage & prepare students for their future?

These are the questions that guided our inquiry into learning in Years 7-9 at Uplands. Together, we are developing an age-appropriate, cohesive and consistent philosophy and practices that link our learning continuum from PYP to IGCSE to DP.

New IDU 2018-19: Is the future post-human?

In this unit, students will explore contemporary scientific media and art forms to understand what the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) might mean for the future of humankind.

New IDU 2018-19: Can we survive the zombie apocalypse?

IB educators: Shaping the future article

April 2018